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Personal Amplifiers

QLeaf Lite

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Personal Sound Amplifiers are not hearing aids and are not meant to treat any medical condition.

YTango Lite

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Personal Sound Amplifierss are not hearing aids and are not meant to treat any medical condition.


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Do you feel you are not ready for hearing aids

but have difficulty hearing soft speech or understanding conversations in noisy environments or over large distances?

If this applies to you then ExSilent’s range of personal sound amplifiers might be the perfect solution for you.


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Whether it’s the virtually invisible QLeaf lite, which sits in entirely in the auditory canal, or the Ytango Lite which sits discreetly behind the ear, ExSilent’s Premium Personal Amplifier range is equipped to enhance your hearing even in the most challenging listening situations.

So whether you simply need to enhance your hearing for low volume conversations in noisy situations or you need extra hearing support during specific situations (like during a lecture, at the theatre or even listening to birds outside), the ExSilent personal amplifier will become your reliable partner that can be enjoyed without any of your friends and co-workers knowing.

Watch this video to learn more about the ExSilent company and how its changing people’s lives.

Watch the video here


What is the difference between a hearing aid and a personal amplifier?

A hearing aid is designed to precisely amplify sound, via computer programming, to compensate for an individual’s hearing loss and assist them to hear in all listening situations.

A personal amplifier is designed is assist people to enhance their hearing in specific situations, such restaurants and/or meetings.  A personal amplifier is non-programmable.

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