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YTango Lite Personal Amplifier

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Personal Sound Amplifiers are not hearing aids and are not meant to treat any medical condition.

YTango Lite Personal Amplifier

Do you feel you are not ready for hearing aids but have difficulty hearing soft speech or understanding conversations in noisy environments or over large distances?

If this situation applies to you then a the virtually invisible ExSilent Ytango Lite personal sound amplifier might be the perfect solution for you.  The Ytango Lite is a stylish high-tech marvel that sits behind the ear offering you nearly invisible support, exactly when you want it.

Watch this video to learn more how the YTango Lite
can enhance your ability to listen and communicate.


Why YTango Lite?

  • Quality European design
  • Discreet design – The YTango Lite sits behind the ear, hidden from sight.
  • Natural hearing – YTango Lite uses patented MaRiC® technology, which places both the microphone and speaker inside the ear canal for natural sound and directivity.
  • Improves hearing – Equipped to handle challenging listening situations with four different preset programs: quiet environments, telephone, restaurants, watching TV or concerts.
  • Patented technology and design – Switching programs is as easy as 1-2-3-4 using ExSilent’s patented AirTAP-functionality. Simply tap your ear to access the different listening programs.
Watch the video here AirTap


Warranty 12 Month
Style Completely in the Canal
Battery Size P10 (Lasts up to 80hrs)
Programs 4 (accessible via AirTAP)
Noise Reduction Yes
Bands/Channels 12/2
Digital Yes
Microphone Omni-directional


About ExSilent

YTango Lite is designed and manufactured by ExSilent.

Please see the video below to learn more about how ExSilent is changing people’s lives.

Watch the video here

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