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Our hearing keeps us connected; it helps us interact with our friends and loved ones. Research shows that individuals with hearing loss struggle 10 years on average before seeking assistance for their hearing for reasons such as:

Inadequate Information on Hearing Aids

Too Expensive

Stigma & Cosmetics

Consequently, only 1 in 4 individuals with significant, permanent hearing loss get fitted with hearing aids. Yet hearing aid use can lead to dramatic improvements in a person’s quality of life.

The Hearing Place was started with the aim to assist individuals with hearing loss in overcoming these 3 barriers.

Information on the best available

hearing aid technology

Getting hearing aids can be complex and confusing; there are virtually hundreds of different models on the market. At The Hearing Place we want you to make informed decisions about your hearing health. We provide you with up-to-date information on hearing aid technology on all brands and models.

By understanding your hearing difficulties, lifestyle needs and design preferences, we are able to recommend the most appropriate hearing aids for you.

In Australia, the majority of hearing clinics are either owned by a manufacturer or have contracts with only 1 or 2 brands, resulting in limited access to available technology.

At The Hearing Place our goal is to support you in finding the best hearing solutions for your individual needs from the vast range of technology on the market. As we do not sell the hearing aids, we are in a position to offer independent advice that you can trust.

Ensuring you get

great value for money

Hearing aids are a significant investment. However, like any item they come in a wide range from basic models right up to premium models. At The Hearing Place we provide you with information and support so you can be confident that when you decide to invest in hearing aids that they are the most appropriate ones for your individual needs and budget.

We can also recommend experienced, independent hearing care professionals in your local area where you can trial the hearing aids for FREE. In addition, if you already have a quote for hearing aids, we can contact hearing clinics in your local area to find out whether they can offer the same hearing aids at a better price.

Ensuring your hearing aids

become part of you

Untreated hearing loss is far more noticeable than hearing aids. When worn regularly to restore near-natural hearing, the stigma of hearing aids is reduced. As appearances are a very important for users, hearing aid manufacturers have placed a high priority on design and there are many styles that range from virtually invisible to fashion statements themselves.
At The Hearing Place we provide you with information, and support you in finding the best discreet hearing solutions for your individual needs from the vast range of technology on the market. Our goal is to ensure you become so comfortable wearing your hearing aids that they become part of you.

Don’t wait ten years to seek help for your hearing loss.

At The Hearing Place we offer a positive and supportive service for individuals so they seek assistance earlier and remain socially connected, rather than withdrawing and becoming isolated due to their hearing loss. With the right hearing aid solution and support from The Hearing Place your life can again be filled with the joy of sound. Hear life to the fullest today.

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced hearing-aid user, we provide un-biased advice and assistance in choosing the right clinic for you to attend.

The clinics in our network are independent, and not part of a major chain.  They are passionate about offering choice based on your hearing needs.

For you, the benefit is clearly a wider choice, and independent advice. You can obtain professional independent advice from an independent audiology clinic.

These independent clinics are operated by individuals, who are professionally accredited by an Australian audiology association, have affordable pricing, and offer ongoing customer care services.


  • Personalised service
  • Independent advice & assistance from qualified professionals
  • More choices of brands
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free hearing aid trials
  • OHS and DVA services
  • Ongoing support

Want the latest hearing aid technology at affordable prices?

Let The Hearing Place do the search for you!

We offer a FREE advisory comparison service that gets you the best deal from leading independent hearing professionals near you.

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        • Save the hassle of searching for the best deal – We do the search for you
        • Speak directly to a qualified hearing professional – Learn about the latest technology
        • Standard 3 years warranty and quality aftercare packages – Get the support you need today

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