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Funding Options

No matter how you look at it,

hearing aids can be expensive.

Hearing aids are highly advanced medical devices. There is a huge amount of research and development that goes into making your hearing aids so small, adaptable and powerful. On the manufacturing end, materials such as microprocessors and microphones only account for a small percentage of the final cost for hearing aids. Research may account for as much as triple the cost of materials.

You are not only buying a high-tech device that requires extensive research, you are buying a device that is highly personalised: programmed and perhaps even custom made just for you to make your life better. You may also be paying for services from highly trained hearing specialists during the life span of your hearing aids.

Other technology is cheaper – why?

All new technology can be expensive to design and develop, but hearing aids are made in much smaller numbers than most other electronic devices like your mobile phone and so the cost per unit is significantly higher. In addition mass production with no personalisation can dramatically reduce the unit price.

Like most electronic devices, hearing aids are available in a wide variety of technology levels with a wide range of prices. At The Hearing Place we work with you to identify the most appropriate hearing aid for your individual needs at the right price. We can also help you connect with the best priced independent hearing professionals in your local area.

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Reimbursement options

Health Fund Rebates

Every health fund has a different policy on audiology and hearing aid rebates. It is important to check with your health fund regarding your level of cover and any limits that may be in place in your policy.

Pensioners and Veterans

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program is managed by the Office of Hearing Services and enables eligible clients to access a range of hearing services. The hearing services may include:

  • a comprehensive hearing assessment performed by a hearing services provider
  • access to a wide range of quality free-to-client fully subsidised or partially subsidised “top-up” hearing aids (the subsidy will still apply and you will simply pay the ‘gap’ between the hearing aid cost and the OHS subsidy amount).
You are eligible for the program if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident 21 years or older and you are:
  • a Pensioner Concession Card Holder;
  • receiving Sickness Allowance from Centrelink;
  • the holder of a DVA Gold Card issued for all conditions;
  • the holder of a DVA White Card issued for specific conditions that include hearing loss;
  • a dependent of a person in one of the above categories;
  • a member of the Australian Defence Force1; or
  • part of the Australian Government funded Disability Employment Services (DES) – Disability Management Service and you are referred by your Disability Employment Services case manager
You are eligible to receive hearing services through the Community Service Obligations (CSO) component of the program if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you are:
  • younger than 26 years;
  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander who is over 50 years;
  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participant in the Remote Jobs and Community Program; or
  • a former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participant in a Community Development Employment Projects Program, who received hearing services before 30 June 2013.

In addition, National Disability Insurance Scheme participants may access hearing services through the program if referred for services by their National Disability Insurance Agency Planner.

For further information or to apply for the program please visit the Office of Hearing Services website.

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