What are the differences between hearing aids and personal amplifiers

A hearing aid is a medical device that is used to compensate for significant hearing loss.   A hearing aid is custom-programmed to an individual’s hearing loss based on their hearing test (pure tone audiogram).  After programming the hearing aid will amplify precisely the pitches (frequencies) of sound where there is hearing loss.

A hearing aid is recommended for individuals with hearing loss who have difficulty hearing in most day-to-day situations.

A personal amplifier is a consumer electronics device that is used to assist people hearing in specific situations e.g. in background noise.  A personal amplifier amplifies sound but is not custom programmed for an individual’s hearing loss.

A personal amplifier is recommended for individuals that have difficulty hearing in specific situations e.g. group conversation, conversation in restaurants. A personal amplifier is often a good choice for individuals who feel they are not ready for hearing aids.

How do I tell which is suitable for me: a hearing aid or personal amplifier?

Simply give The Hearing Place a call on 1300 911 990 and talk to one of our audiologists.  Our audiologists will be able to give you advice about which device is suitable for you: a hearing aid or a personal amplifier.

If you would like to purchase a personal amplifier this can be done online via our online shop.  All our European-designed personal amplifiers come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you would like to trial a hearing aid we can connect you with leading independent hearing professionals in your local area who can arrange a free trial.  All our audiological partners are qualified and offer good value pricing on their hearing aid range.

What are the benefits of personal amplifiers?

For many people a personal amplifier is a more cost effective hearing solution than a hearing aid. Personal amplifiers cost in the $100s compared to hearing aids that cost in the $1000s (premium models can cost up to $5000 each).

For individuals who do not have significant hearing loss but have difficulty hearing in specific situations (e.g. in background noise, group conversations) a personal amplifier can provide a great solution that they can use when required.




If I need a hearing aid how do I arrange this?

For the individuals with hearing loss, experiencing hearing difficulties, we offer a free advisory service.  The service educates individuals about hearing aids and connects them to quality independent hearing care professionals in their local area. The benefits of the service is that we support individuals in making educated decisions about their hearing rehabilitation. In addition all of the hearing care professionals in our network are experienced and offer great value hearing aid packages. We currently offer the service Australia-wide.

Why do you only include independent clinics as part of your network?

Many clinics are affiliated, or even owned, by a manufacturer meaning that choice of hearing aids may be limited to their brand only. An independent clinic is not owned or affiliated with any particular manufacturer and is therefore able to offer you hearing aid options, from a wider range of established brands, most suited to your needs and budget.

Why offer this service?

Research shows that individuals with hearing loss on average struggle 10 years before seeking assistance for their ear health.  In addition, only 1 in 4 individuals with significant, permanent hearing loss get fitted with hearing aids. Our goal is to provide a positive and supportive service for individuals with hearing loss so they can seek assistance earlier and remain socially connected, rather than withdraw and become isolated due to their hearing loss.

For individuals who are starting to have difficulty hearing is specific situations (e.g. in background noise, out socially) we offer a range of discreet personal amplifiers.  These personal amplifiers can be purchased online and are a great solution for individuals who are not ready for hearing aids.

For individuals who are ready to get hearing aids we offer a free service to connect them to experienced independent hearing professionals in their local area for a free trial.  If individuals already have a quote for hearing aids but would like to investigate whether they can get the same hearing aids cheaper, we also offer a free service to get a better price for them through our network of independent hearing professionals.

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