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Looking for an affordable yet tiny hearing aid solution?
The Sonic Charm 60 invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aid may be for you.

Easy Listening, Effortless Enjoyment. Simple never sounded so good.
The Sonic Charm 60 invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aid is an instant-fit hearing aid designed for individuals who wants a discreet, ready-to-use hearing solution.

Easy Listening, Effortless Enjoyment

The Charm 60 IIC features Sonic’s newest digital sound processor that gives priority to speech sounds, enhancing overall speech clarity.

Easy Listening in noise

The Charm 60 IIC’s speech priority noise reduction system stops distracting noise so listening is comfortable even in challenging sound situations such as restaurants and social events.

Ready to use, ready to hear.

The Charm 60 IIC is simple to use. Simply insert and begin to enjoy the sounds of life again. It is an excellent solution for mild-to-moderate hearing loss.


The Charm 60 is backed by a 36th month manufacturer warranty and is offered with a 30 day; 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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You can purchase the Charm 600 IIC in three easy steps


Step 1

Email or Fax The Hearing Place your hearing test results (audiogram).
We will contact you to let you know whether the instant fit solution is suitable for your hearing loss.

Step 2

Purchase your instant-fit hearing aid(s) here

Step 3

We will send your instant-fit hearing aids pre-programmed to your unique hearing test results (audiogram).
If in the first 30 days* your hearing aids need adjusting, simply give us a ring and explain the issue, send hearing aids back and we will fine-tune them based on your request.

* each additional fine-tuning outside the first 30 days are charged $50 per device

Technological Features
Sound Processing Digital – Speech Variable Processing
Bandwidth 8 kHz
Environments 13
Noise Reduction Yes (speech priority)
Feedback Cancellation Yes
About Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations is a US-based manufacturer of hearing care solutions and is one of the youngest companies in the hearing aid manufacturing industry. Sonic Innovations strives to provide the highest quality products that mimic the most natural hearing possible. It also focuses on creative technology including simple-to-use devices like the Cheer 60 instant-fit IIC.

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