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Virtually invisible hearing aid technology

Virtually invisible hearing aid technology

Virtually invisible hearing aid technology

Huge strides have been made over the last couple of years in miniaturising hearing aid technology and at the same time enhancing comfort and performance.   This has seen the introduction of new micro hearing aid styles.  These discreet styles fit both in-the-ear and behind-the ear.


The main micro in-the-ear styles are:

IIC in earOticon IICThe CIC style (completely in canal) – sits entirely in the ear canal and only visible if viewed directly in the ear canal.

The IIC style (invisible in canal) smaller than the CIC style, the IIC sits deep in the ear canal past the second bend of the ear canal. For all intents and purposes when inserted its virtually invisible.

In order for these micro in-the-ear styles to fit comfortably in the ear canal, they are custom made to your individual ear canal.  The hearing professional will take an impression of your ear and this is sent off to the manufacturer.  The impression is then scanned and the hearing aid shell computer-modelled.  After modelling, a 3D printer prints the shell into which the hearing aid components are assembled.

The most popular discreet hearing aid on the market is the Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) style:

RIC in earSiemens Pure
The RIC style
(receiver in canal)sits behind the ear with a tiny module hidden by the pinna (ear). A small receiver/speaker sits at the entrance of the ear canal.

Its popularity stems from the fact that the RIC style combines discretion with high performance.  Unlike CIC/IIC styles, the RIC style accommodates advanced technology such as two-mic directional technology, rechargeability and wireless connectivity.

As the components of RIC styles sit behind the ear (rather than in the ear), the ear canal is well ventilated (not blocked) resulting in a natural and comfortable wearing experience.

These days people are more likely to notice your hearing loss than your hearing aids.  At The Hearing Place our goal is to support you in finding the best hearing solutions for your individual needs from the vast range of technology on the market. As we do not sell the hearing aids, we are in a position to offer independent advice that you can trust.


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