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The benefits of independent hearing clinics

The benefits of independent hearing clinics

take-hearing-personally-placeThe Benefits of Independent Hearing Clinics

Independent providers own and operate their own clinics.  This sets Independent providers apart from the majority (80%) of hearing clinics in Australia who are either owned or strategically aligned with a particular hearing aid manufacturer selling their own brands of hearing aids.    

Quality Service & Service Continuity

Independent providers have the freedom to give clients the time and attention to deliver highly professional and personalised services tailored to their needs.  In addition, Independent providers provide continuity of service –clients will see the same qualified clinician, rather than never knowing ‘who you are going to see’.

Unbiased, independent advice

Independent providers do not work to sales targets or receive commissions on hearing aid sales.  This gives independent providers the freedom to be 100% objective when recommending hearing aids.  Company “sales targets” can sometimes take priority over the client’s actual needs.

Ability to access a wide range of available technology

Getting hearing aids can be complex and confusing; there are virtually hundreds of different models on the market.   Independent providers provide clients with up-to-date information and advice on the best available hearing aid technology for their individual needs and budget across all established brands and models.

At The Hearing Place our goal is to support you in finding the best hearing solutions for your individual needs from the vast range of technology on the market. As we do not sell the hearing aids, we are in a position to offer independent advice that you can trust.

We can also recommend experienced, independent hearing care providers in your local area where you can trial the hearing aids for FREE.  In addition, if you already have a quote for hearing aids, we can contact hearing clinics in your local area to find out whether they can offer the same hearing aids at a better price.


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