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Hearing Aids versus Personal Amplifiers

Hearing Aids versus Personal Amplifiers


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Personal amplifiers cost in the $100s compared to hearing aids that cost in the $1000s (premium models can cost up to $5000 each) .  What is the difference?

Hearing aids are medical devices that are used to compensate for significant hearing loss.   Hearing aids are custom-programmed to an individual’s hearing loss based on their hearing test (pure tone audiogram).  After programming hearing aids will amplify precisely the pitches (frequencies) of sound where there is hearing loss.

Hearing aids are recommended for individuals with hearing loss who have difficulty hearing in most day-to-day situations.

Personal amplifiers are consumer electronic devices that are used to assist people hearing in specific situations e.g. in background noise.  Personal amplifiers amplify sound but are not custom programmed for an individual’s hearing loss.

Personal amplifiers are often a good choice for individuals who feel they are not ready for hearing aids but have difficulty hearing in specific situations (e.g. group conversation, conversation in restaurants).  For these people personal amplifiers may be a more cost effective hearing solution than a hearing aid.

At The Hearing Place we offer a range of discreet personal amplifiers and can be purchased online.  For individuals who are ready to get hearing aids we offer a free service to connect them to experienced independent hearing professionals in their local area for a free trial.  For individuals who already have a quote for hearing aids we also offer a free service to search our network of independent clinics to get them a better price.

If you are having hearing difficulties but not sure which hearing solution is suitable for you, simply give The Hearing Place a call on 1300 911 990 and talk to one of our audiologists.  Our audiologists will be able to give you advice about which device is suitable for you: a hearing aid or a personal amplifier.











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